Buy My Mobile Home for Cash in New Braunfels, Texas – 2 Questions…

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Looking for a cash buyer for your New Braunfels, Texas mobile home? Ask yourself these 2 questions first…
If your New Braunfels, Texas mobile home is facing a foreclosure, and you wish to avoid it… or if you just need to sell your New Braunfels mobile home fast for another reason (you inherited a house, relocating and need to sell, lost your job, agent can’t sell your mobile home, etc.)… then one of the best options that you can consider is thinking about finding someone to buy your  New Braunfels, Texas mobile home for cash.

By doing this, you will not only profit by improving your credit rating but also hopefully get extra money into your account. Your credit score, which is an important aspect of your financial life, will remain untainted since you will settle your debt in time, and you can use the extra cash from your sale in other projects. However, you have to study the prevailing market conditions. That is, find out factors that are likely to influence the value of your mobile home… before getting ready to sell it. Remember, when your mobile or manufactured home is foreclosed, you will lose your property as well as your credit rating. If you are planning on renting afterwards it will be very difficult aswell. So let’s look at how we can find someone to buy my mobile home for cash in New Braunfels…

Buy My Mobile Home for Cash in New Braunfels, Texas: The Plan

The first step that you need to take in order to sell your New Braunfels mobile home fast to someone else with a “buy my New Braunfels, Texas mobile home for cash” mentality, is to come up with a game plan.

If your mobile home is on private property being sold with the land, your real estate agent should help you come up with this. Be sure to negotiate with your lender as you contact an agent who is well informed regarding the sale of such properties in your area. The agent should have the latest report on property values in order to help you quote the right price for your mobile home if it is on private property and titled as real estate. If the mobile home is in a park it is titled as personal property and a real estate agent won’t help   However, we will! We specialize in buying and selling mobile homes in parks and do some brokering as well if you would like us to sell your home for you. We also do not charge a commission.  Our first choice is to always purchase the home directly ourselves , but sometimes we can be of more help selling the home for you   If would like more details on that option just give us a call at 210-504-8388 or submit your information on the website and we will get in touch ASAP, typically within 24 hours.

If your mobile home is in a park you will need to look to a company like ours, JourneyMobileHomes, that is licensed and able to sell your mobile home, or you  could always try to sell it yourself. But who wants that headache?

1. How fast do you need to sell? 

This is one of the most important first decisions you need to make… because this really dictates what options you really have. If you have more time… you have more options open to you.

If you have less time… your options are a bit fewer… but you still have great options out there.

If you need to sell in less than 2 months (or even less time than that), you likely don’t have the time to list your mobile home with an agent.  You’ll likely have to try to sell the mobile home yourself (if you know how to) or sell your mobile home to a local professional mobile home buyer like JourneyMobileHomes (or you can call us at 210-504-8388 and we can make you a fast-fair all-cash offer on your New Braunfels area mobile home).  We also offer Purchase and Sale Agreements to sell your mobile home within 30 days if it is in a park or on private land and needs to be moved. We can normally offer a little more using this method than we can to purchase the home directly. But we are happy to do either.

2. How much do you need to sell your New Braunfels mobile home for? 

Note that above it says “how much do you need” to sell for.  If you’d like to sell your mobile home for full retail… but you have to sell your mobile home fast and can’t afford to list it with a real estate agent… determine what you need to get out of your mobile home sale.

That’ll help guide you to your true options for selling.

If the price you “need” to get doesn’t leave room for a real estate agents commission… you may need to look at selling the house FSBO or getting an offer from a local real estate mobile home buying company like us… to see if that gets you closer to where you need to end up.

On the flip side… if you need near full-retail value and you can wait it out for a retail buyer to come along who can pay that price… list your house on the MLS, if it is on private land.  If your mobile home is in a park the MLS is not an option. If  you don’t have the time… consider talking to us for a fast cash offer on your mobile home (we can make you an offer in less than 24 hours and close in as little as a few days if you need to, with all cash).

3. Look into your options and take action! 

Like I mentioned above, if you’re looking for someone who can say “yes”! when you ask them to “buy my New Braunfels, Texas mobile home for cash”… the main things you need to determine yourself are:

  1. How fast you NEED to sell
  2. How much you NEED to get out of the sale

Once you know those… look at your options below as a quick guide to help you decide which options may work for you with your local New Braunfels mobile home sale.

  • Real Estate Agent: If you can wait 3-6 months to sell, can afford the 3-6% in commissions on the sale, and your mobile home is on private land. If so, going with an agent will likely get you your highest price on your property.
  • Local Real Estate Investor / Mobile Home Buyer: If you need to sell fast, we can buy your New Braunfels mobile home in as little as a few days. We won’t be able to pay full-retail on your mobile home… but we don’t charge any fees at all. What we offer you is what we pay you. If you value your time and a quick sale more than making a few extra bucks 6 months from now… call us today at 210-504-8388 or click the link below to fill out our online fast offer form.
  • For Sale By Owner: If you can wait 3-6 months to sell but can’t afford the 3-6% in commissions to an agent, you may want to try to sell it yourself or sign a Purchase and Sale Agreement with us to sell the mobile home for you. There is no commission in this contract.  We simply agree to a price, we will market the home slightly higher than the agreed upon amount, handle all the marketing and closing paperwork, then give you a Cashiers Check for that amount at closing.  Whatever we get to keep will depend on our negotiation skill with buyers and a bit of luck, but no matter how we come out you are guaranteed the contract amount at closing.  Win-Win
  • Talk To Your Bank: If your mortgage is “underwater” or you’re in or nearing foreclosure… your first step may be to talk to your bank to see if they have any mortgage relief programs.  Some banks offer assistance or can at least guide you in a direction to lessen the burden. We actually see this very often with mobile and manufactured homes that have mortgages.  This due to the fact that mobile homes depreciate in value over time.  They don’t go up in price like regular single family homes.  So unfortunately combining the mortgage interest and the depreciation on mobile homes many times the home is not worth what is owed on the mortgage when the owner decides to sell.

We can help you strategize how to sell your New Braunfels mobile home fast. Give us a call at 210-504-8388 for help selling your mobile home fast, or fill out our form to see if your property qualifies for a fast, fair all-cash offer.

There are several reasons why you may be thinking “buy my New Braunfels, Texas mobile home for cash – please let it be that simple” (and it can be). Regardless of your reasons, you need to prepare your mobile home for sale just as you would any other product. A thoughtful preparation WILL turn your mobile home into an attractive option for buyers. Doing it this way, you can sell your mobile home fast and get top dollars.

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